LCOYs weltweit

Was sind LCOYs?

LCOYs (Local Conference of Youth) sind also die regionalen Ableger der COY – der Conference of Youth - und finden mittlerweile auf allen Kontinenten unseres Planeten statt. Letztes Jahr gab es insgesamt 24 LCOYs, z.B. in der Elfenbeinküste, Japan, Nicaragua, Kanada und Polen, um nur einige zu nennen. LCOYs sollen als regionaler Ableger der COYs also einer breiteren Öffentlichkeit und dabei vor allem Jugendlichen und jungen Erwachsenen die Mitgestaltung der Diskussion und Teilnahme an der Ideenfindung für eine nachhaltige und umweltfreundliche Zukunft der Weltgemeinschaft ermöglichen. Die LCOYs bieten Teilnehmenden weltweit sowohl eine Möglichkeit unkompliziert in das Thema Umweltpolitik einzusteigen, als auch auf hohem Niveau nach Lösungen zu suchen und mit AkteurInnen aus Gesellschaft und Wirtschaft zu diskutieren. Erarbeitetes wird dann auf der COY aufgegriffen.

Wo gibt es LCOYs?

Hier findet ihr kurze Beschreibungen von LCOYs, die letztes Jahr in anderen Ländern stattgefunden haben und ihren Plänen für die nächsten Jahre.

The UK's 1st Local Conference Of Youth (LCOY) took place from the 23rd-24th November 2019 in Manchester. Following in the footsteps of international LCOYs we set out with one objective; to mobilise and empower young people to take positive action for global climate justice.

Over the course of the weekend the event hosted keynote speakers, panel discussions and 30+ workshops, working with some of the most influential environmental organisations including Friends of the Earth, People & Planet, Restless Development and UKSCN amongst many others. The weekend aimed to provide an inclusive and accessible space for all delegates, discussing a wide variety of topics covered by the our core themes: 'Climate Justice', 'History and Science of Climate Change', 'Activism and Empowerment' and 'Policy and Business'.

It was a pleasure to facilitate a space that allowed over a 100 young delegates across the UK to engage in radical conversations that will continue to support our movement to tackle ongoing climate change issues. Following discussions at the conference, a policy document was published, outlining the actions UK youth want governments to take on climate change. This work was presented at Conference Of Youth 2019 (COY15), leading into establishing the youth position at Conference Of the Parties 2019 (COP25).

The outcome of LCOY was clear, young people want to see climate action that is just, inclusive and intersectional, recognising and tackling all forms of oppression simultaneously. We would like to thank all those who supported and attended LCOYUK, your presence created a strong network of climate activists, empowered and ready to mobilise change. 

Following LCOYUK, the team are now working to support a wide range of other, vital UKYCC projects including the creation of COY16 in Glasgow 2020. We now work to ensure that COP26 develops radical and justice climate action, and we want you to know that whilst LCOYUK 2019 might have been the first Local Conference of Youth in the UK, it will certainly not be the last. #watchthisspace

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In 2020, we are facing two big challenges. On one hand we have the recent public health problem related with COVID-19, and on another hand, the social-political crisis Nicaragua has been passing through since 2018. This year we expect to receive 300 people from all over the country, especially those that want to collaborate and participate with topics about climate change and environmental issues. But to make possible those goals, we have decided to take some security actions, like reducing LCOY Nicaragua Activities to only one day, and taking into account the recommendations by the World Health Organization to minimize all possible infection.  It’s important to say that all before mentioned is depending on virus evolution in the country. 

Talking about social-political crisis, we clarify that we are outside any political party, and we do this for the well of the country. Everybody has the right to participate in these activities regardless of their political preferences. 

Our principal focuses are children and young people. We want that Nicaragua youth get interested in science, and social issues related to climate. This year, we want to achieve these goals from making participatory workshops, keynote talks, and several more activities. Also, for this year, we have already chosen the topics that we want to make more focus on. Those are:  find ways to make cities more sustainable, gender equality, sustainable agriculture, indigenous communities, biodiversity, water contamination, etc., all this from a climate perspective.

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This year, following a five-year hiatus, we are excited to hold Japan’s second LCOY in seven regions across the country. Our aim is to empower passionate young individuals to take effective action in their communities. We plan to focus on climate change issues and measures at both the national and regional levels by connecting venues in each region through live broadcasts.

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Ankündigungsvideo für die LCOY Österreich 6. – 8. November 2020: