LCOY Germany

"We want to send a signal that every member of the international community should become
sustainable and globally just future of our planet.

LCOY 2020 - 2023

Since 2019 there is also a LCOY in Germany. In order to fight the climate crisis together, the LCOY Germany enables networking and exchange.

The first LCOY Germany took place in Heidelberg in 2019. Due to the COVID 19 pandemic, LCOY 2020 will take place online on November 14, 2020. You can find general information here, information on the program here.

In the years 2021 - 2023 there will be conferences in the usual format again - with 700, 1000 or 1200 participants! All current information will be published here and of course on our social media channels. If you want to stay up to date you can also subscribe to our newsletter here.

In addition to the LCOYs, we organize regular live streams on various topics to enable constant networking and knowledge exchange. A list of upcoming events and topics is available on our livestream page. To make sure you don't miss a livestream, just subscribe to our YouTube channel with the subscribe button ;) On this channel we also publish further videos about the climate crisis. We are also active on social media and like to visit other events to achieve our goals.

Our goals

We have set ourselves 3 goals as LCOY Germany:

  1. Enable networking with other activists in the climate movement: We want to create a framework for exchanging ideas and perspectives and to establish lasting contacts between different climate actors* beyond the conferences. Furthermore, we want to provide easy and uncomplicated access for those who are not yet involved. This is why we, as LCOY Germany, want to serve as an exchange and networking platform.
  2. Offer exchange with politics, business and society: Under normal circumstances, this is associated with a high inhibition threshold, which is why we want to offer a direct exchange of views in dialogue and discussion groups. After and in addition to the reduction of mutual prejudices, factual discussions can take place in this way. It is important to avoid mutual scepticism and to convince all actors that committed climate protection is important for all people.
  3. Imparting knowledge & pointing out possible courses of action: Profound knowledge is the basis for understanding the enormous urgency of the climate crisis. To enable everyone to take action, we want to raise awareness of their own climate-damaging behaviour and enable everyone to become more involved in the climate policy debate.