Personal experiences of participants:

"The LCOY 2019 was a great experience! Due to the very open atmosphere we could (even without being active in the field ourselves) start a conversation with everyone and felt completely comfortable. Furthermore, the LCOY was very versatile and showed the interfaces to economy, politics and society, e.g. also with regard to human rights. And the most important thing: It was also simply fun, as many fun activities were integrated into the weekend for example, the swing dance courses and games!”

"The LCOY 2019 was a huge community of great people who couldn't decide which great program they wanted to attend next. The focus for me was definitely networking, but what I liked most was that you were so free to decide what you wanted to do. And there were enough of supporting programmes to switch off. All in all, it was an event that included all people, regardless of their previous knowledge, to inspire themselves collectively.”

"LCOY 2019 has always confronted me with difficult decisions, namely which exciting programme item I should immerse myself in next. Such an abundance of interesting workshops, business games and lectures, on everything that is related to climate change, plus it is such an entertaining supporting program, that will probably only be seen once. The agony of choice, wanting to look at everything at once, is indeed reminiscent of the real international climate conferences. But in addition, I met many open and nice people at every workshop, in the meal breaks or late at night in a furious game round, it was possible from the very beginning to talk about emissions trading, exchange action formats or have a good laugh. In any case, one decision will not be difficult for me: coming back.”

"Last year's LCOY was a super intense and valuable experience for me. Before that, I had only dealt with the topic of sustainability and climate protection so much in the context of an internship. What can I say: visiting the LCOY was the highlight of my internship. I met wonderful people, exchanged and discussed with like-minded people and had a lot of fun in the evenings. There was so much to see, discover and learn that I almost always felt a 'fear of missing out' - but in a positive sense. After last year's conference I decided without further ado that I wanted to participate and generally get more involved. That's why I'm now with the LCOY organizing team and also involved in other aspects of climate technology. This has definitely enriched my life."

"At the conference, people of different ideas and abilities came together, united by the willingness to get involved in climate protection. The atmosphere was fantastic!"

Voices from the organisation team 2019:

"LCOY-?!?! After Kilian, who took over the overall coordination last year, explained a lot to me over the phone, I deeply wanted to be part of the LCOY. I was warmly welcomed into the team and got to know everyone personally at the working weekends. This was the best time of my preparation for the LCOY, because I met incredibly great people with whom I could organize great things and made many new friends.

Now to the Hammer Conference... We arrived two days before as an organisation team and started to rebuild the school/event location. A Lot of work, with a lot of stress. On Friday the participants came and everybody was very excited. Only when the kick-off event started, my excitement slowly subsided. The next day there were incredibly cool lectures, discussion groups, DIY projects? As part of the organizing team I unfortunately couldn't take advantage of many great offers. Personally I didn't mind missing out on some cool offers as part of the team, because the conference was simply indescribable, exciting, fun, thrilling and instructive".

"At the beginning of last year, when I came to the LCOY by chance, I didn't know what it would all mean to me. 15 months later I can say: I am so incredibly happy that I joined the orga team. Even though the LCOY was of course the highlight of the last year, there is something that was even more important to me: All the people I was able to meet - at first only via Zoom, and then in person on the working weekends, which is always a lot of fun and little sleep.
In that sense: I'm looking forward to everything that's coming!"

“The last LCOY was incredibly fun! So many motivated, cheerful and curious people, all different, but all thriving for the same thing - more climate protection, sustainability and a fair future. That was motivating and for me as a team member it was especially nice to see how many of the participants came to me and gave such positive feedback. That gave me a lot in return and I am looking forward to the next LCOY!”

"I took part in the LCOY 2019 but couldn't see much because I only did the technical for a short time and I was mostly on the road. But what I saw was very cool and I was very excited. I never knew before that there was such a cool organisation. I only found out because the LCOY was at my school and I did the technical from school. In any case I'll stick with it."