Here you can find an overview of all our livestreams. In discussions with experts, politicians and activists, the topics covered include environmental psychology, the role of the media and decolonial perspectives on climate change. All livestreams will take place on our Youtube channel and offer space for your comments and questions.

On 29.08. we discussed together with Mrs. Lisa Badum (Greens, Member of the parliament) and Mr. Klaus Mindrup (SPD, Member of the parliament) in a debate on the topic "German climate targets".

On 16.09. at 7:30 pm we talked together with the environmental psychologist Prof. Dr. Gerhard Reese and the activists Antje Grothus and Carla Reemtsma about why many people do not act sustainably and how you can motivate yourselves and others for more climate protection.

Although the climate crisis affects us all, it does not affect us all equally: it is neither caused nor experienced in the same way by all. Who makes decisions and who benefits? What are the power structures that have triggered and carry climate change? What does socially just climate governance look like?

We spoke about this with Lucía Muriel from glokal e.V. and Prof. Dr. Franziska Müller from the University of Hamburg

Climate protection locally! How can we make our cities and municipalities more environmentally friendly? How can politics, administration and civil society work together better?

We have discussed this with:

Time and again it is said that hydrogen is important for Germany to become climate neutral. Is that so? And what does that mean for the energy revolution? The livestream discussed what hydrogen could be used for in future, where it would come from and why it should be "green".

Discussion with:

  • MdB Dr. Stefan Kaufmann, Innovation Commissioner of the Federal Government
  • Dr. Felix Matthes, climate and energy expert at Öko-Institut
  • Dr. Carsten Rolle, responsible for energy and climate at BDI

More information about the livestream of the LCOY online 2020 can be found here (in German).

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Livestream LCOY online

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Everybody makes a difference

In our film "Everyone makes a difference" we captured and visually recorded the moods, ideas and thoughts of young people on the subject of climate change. In the process, 10 different activists* and exciting individuals are accompanied in their different forms of engagement. In the future, the film will also be available in English. 

The film was made as part of the LCOY 2019 action day "Climate goes local". At the center of each action was our film, which visualizes impressions, opinions and concerns of young people about climate change. The film "Everybody makes a difference" was created in the run-up to LCOY 2019 by a film team that captured the moods and impressions of young people in an impressive way. The aim of the film is not only to take up their demands and suggestions, but also to draw attention to the urgency and necessity of their own actions and commitment.

Many know that a change is necessary and they are ready to stand up and help. It is their commitment that contributes to making information available to a broad public and to denouncing problems - by exemplifying alternative lifestyles, creating role models or their public commitment to build up pressure on politics and business. Although many are already involved, many young people are still looking for ways to become active themselves. For this reason, we want to support young people in Germany in their commitment within the framework of the LCOY - Young Climate Conference Germany. We want to capture their experiences, moods and thoughts and make their suggestions and demands tangible. These impressions should in turn motivate others and show them various ways to become active themselves.

The film was celebrated as part of the action day "Climate goes local! premiere.

  • To show the variety of these possibilities we portray 10 activists* who have all chosen different kinds of engagement. The focus is on the activists as individuals and not only their activism. They should be made as tangible as possible to the audience and thus give them the chance to identify with the activists. 
  • To do this, we will first describe the protagonists' careers in more detail. Using concrete examples, we want to show the audience how the activists began to take an interest in climate protection and what their first steps were to become active themselves. Both their experiences and their personal development will be elaborated.
  • In addition to the activists' careers, the focus is also on their current projects and past successes. The young people become positive examples, which show the audience that their commitment is meaningful and necessary and that it is not a hindrance if one does not start in early youth or only gets involved on a small scale.
  • The film will not only serve to encourage viewers to become active themselves, but also to offer activists a platform to create their thoughts, wishes and demands on politics and society heard.


Film team

  • production & direction: Markus Hiller
  • camera: Jonas Middelkoop and Ina Farjam
  • color correction & editing: Lukas Zschocke
  • sound design & music: Falk Bittner