Organising Team

Who are we and why are we doing all this?

We are a colourful group of young people (16-25 years) from all over Germany and beyond. Being connected by our shared goal to fight the climate crises effectively, we believe that is only possible if we all cooperate. For that purpose we organise a platform. With a team of more than 50 members we have a wide range of experience and skills in organising and running the conferences. Many of us have already been involved in the LCOY 2019 as organizers or participants.

How do we organize ourselves?

Depending on our interests, experiences and preferences, we work in different teams that are responsible for individual parts of the organisation. Examples are the press team, the team for programme contributions or for the logistics of the conference.
All important decisions are made democratically, and an elected project management ensures smooth work within the teams and good cooperation for all.

Working method

The coordination and communication of all teams takes place mainly via the Slack tool. About every two weeks there is a general call via Discord, in which as many people as possible from the group are present. This ensures that the communication works beyond the individual teams and that everyone stays informed about important news. In addition, several working weekends take place over the entire planning period:  We all get to know each other personally or virtually in times of Corona and spend several intense days working together to get an LCOY up and running.